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Best Chaat in Lucknow | Kilo Bite

Lucknow is known as the city of Nawabs, a city which is known for its heritage, culture, food & tahzeeb. If you are planning to visit this place or desires to come to Lucknow, then, you must try the most tastiest platter which is Basket Chaat.

The city which is popular for its architectural treasure is also famous for its food, and especially Chaat. The narrow lanes with amalgamation of modern infrastructure will make you roam in the city and the aromatic smell of the delicacies on the streets of the city will urge you to eat it.

Roaming in Hazratganj, while shopping and enjoying the ambiance, try the basket chaat of Lucknow, apart from chaat you should also try out Golgappas with 12 different flavoured water, Dahi Bhalle, Kebabs.

Though Lucknow is famous for its biryani, kebabs and much more, but the chaat especially the basket chaat is impeccable.

From where Lucknow’s best chaat originated ?

Back in 90’s Lucknow has introduced the pani ke batashe or golgappe with 9 different varieties of flavoured water. After being addicted to this, the folks has spread the recipe to all parts of the India, and the recipe has changed a lot as it reached in the different states, but the rawness and the originality of the delicacies is still there in the streets of the city of Nawabs.

In the era of later 90’s, the basket chaat has been introduced to the capital of Uttar Pradesh, an innovative twist to the chaat and also to the palette to indian tongues.

Lucknow's Best Chaat

The basket of the chaat is the prepared with the low flamed shallow fried grated potato. The basket chaat is then complemented with the pattie or tikki of potato or peas topped with well churned curd, finely chopped onions, pinch of chat masala, imli chutney and a hint of cilantro or parsley and at the end, the chaat is being finished with crushed golgappas at the top.

This makes it a mouth watering recipe, and while you are reading this, you will be thinking of tasting it, and trust me, it’s very tempting, you must try this, whenever you visit the city.

Let’s go deep down to the history of Chaat & Awadh :

This is the time when Lucknow, was known as the Awadh, the relation between Chaat & Indians is really very old. We as Indians, are crazy for chaats that every city in India has its own recipe of chaat. Its not the people who are crazy for the taste of the chats but also the hands which are making this dish more delicious by doing experiments.

There are always an old eatery place, which has been visited by people for amazing dish. So, here are some of the mentions where you will get the amazing chaats, basket chaat.

  1. Shukla Chaat House
  2. Ram Asrey and many more…

The relation between Chaat & Lucknow ( Awadh ) is very old & unbreakable, because it was a time period when in Awadh, peas were being grown & cultivated, that is why peas chaat ( Matar ) is very famous in the area.

Dishes like Nimauna, Matar keema etc, are very famous and is known to have its origin from east Uttar Pradesh.

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